Hub and Bearing Assembly

Original equipment-specification hubs and bearings for Ford and Lincoln vehicles

  • Testing, engineering and manufacturing tolerances held to 25 microns – three times thinner than a piece of paper – compared with some competitors at 250 microns
  • Optimized sealing effect and a low torque-to-turn ratio to minimize drag and help increase fuel economy
  • Special bearing seals to help keep out contaminants, the number one cause of bearing failure
  • Proprietary technology in the design and assembly process, where applicable, that is difficult to reverse engineer, helps ensure quality and helps reduce comebacks
  • Patented micro-grinding process, where applicable, that helps ensure the smoothest possible hub and rotor interface while helping to avoid premature brake wear and vibration
  • Helps avoid costly comebacks from pad, rotor or suspension parts problems that aftermarket replacement hubs may contribute to
  • Meets original equipment test specifications for each specific application

Ford Parts hubs don't compromise quality

  • Triple-sealed bearing assembly
    • Lubed-for-life original equipment hub units provide excellent sealing performance
  • Integral bearing races
    • Specifically designed to each application, no one-size-fits-all solution
  • Precision forging
    • Materials, engineering and production processes minimize any possibility of the hub cracking
  • Micro-ground hub-to-rotor mating surface
    • Tolerances held below 25 microns to help prevent noise and vibration
  • Wheel studs
    • Original equipment specifications minimize any possibility of the hub cracking
  • Precision ABS sensor ring and sensor
    • Original equipment ring and pigtail feature high-strength polymer and copper wiring for positive connections and conductivity, providing excellent ABS signal
  • Tapered roller bearings
    • For high load rates when specified

What happens when disc thickness variation is too high?

Genuine Parts hubs are micro-ground to help ensure the smoothest possible interface for nesting/mating with the rotor. Any runout wobble or imperfection on the rotor mounting surface of a hub, such as some found in the aftermarket, can be magnified by two times in the brake pad and cause premature wear and comebacks.

Ford Motor Company Genuine Parts Hubs

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